Do you have a need to frequently copy in other people in your emails? Perhaps you use a CRM system that has the ability to track emails sent and received if you copy in a certain email address? I know that when dealing with accounts or credit control, I often CC in the client so that they have a record of the emails that I’ve been sending in case the customer comes back to them.

Some smartphones will automatically CC another address every time you send a message, or at least it’s easy to set it up to do so, but if you are on your computer and use Microsoft Outlook it isn’t so easy to do. There is a way around it though, by setting rules to apply ‘when sending’ – here’s how:

Setting up the rules

  • Open Outlook
  • Open the Rules Wizard from ‘Home’ tab > ‘Move’ section > Rules > Manage Rules


  • From the section headed ‘Start from a blank rule‘ select “apply rules on messages I send
  • Click Next

Set your criteria

You can set lots of different rules in Outlook to automate things and make your life easier! In this case you can then choose to assign this rule only when specific criteria are met.

  • Tick the boxes next the conditions that you want to be matched.
    • Note: If you want the rule to apply to every single email you send, leave the boxes unticked. In this example, we want the client to be copied in on all emails sent from their email address. This works well if you use an email address from their domain when working as their VA (e.g. if they have provide you with an email address for you to use)
  • Select ‘though the specified account‘. This then brings up the rule in the lower section of the wizard, where anything highlighted in blue can be edited by clicking on it which in this case is the email address we will send from.
  • Click on the blue link to select a specified account.
  • Click Ok and then Next
  • In the section marked “what do you want to do with this message?” select “CC the message to people or public group” from the top section
  • Double click on the ‘people or public group‘ link in the bottom section
  • Select the email address to CC from from your contacts list
  • Click Ok

Setting Exeptions 

You then have the chance to set some exceptions. Follow the same process as before.

  • Choose the rule from the top section and edit it in the bottom section by clicking on the blue links. In this case, we could set it to CC. the client for every email sent from the client’s domain EXCEPT when the the email is sent directly to the client (i.e. the client’s email address is in the ‘send to’ field) – this saves them getting duplicate emails when we email them directly from the specified email address
  • Click Next
  • The last step is to name your rule. Give it an identifiable name so that you can find it easily if you need to edit it at a later date.
  • Click Finish