Ashwood VA is the brainchild of the dynamic and passionate entrepreneur, Emilie Ashwood. Emilie is proud to announce her recent win of the prestigious national “VA of the Year 2023 – Solo VA” award.

This award is a testament to her dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional virtual administration and support to professionals and business owners particularly within the photography industry. Ashwood VA offers a lifeline to these businesses by taking on all aspects of their social media management and other every day, but time-consuming administrative tasks. Emilie’s approach allows clients the freedom to fully immerse themselves in their business day, while she ensures the smooth operation of their business by offering cost-effective packages that adapt to their varying needs.

“Working with photographers has been a particularly remarkable journey,” Emilie explains. “My vision, which has come to fruition, was to provide breathing space for these immensely talented individuals, allowing them to focus on what they love: capturing moments behind the lens, without the weight of administrative tasks.”

Emilie’s innate curiosity and drive to constantly seek improvement and innovation infuses a fresh, unique perspective into her clients’ businesses, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industries. “I strongly believe in always challenging the status quo and maintaining a curiosity that keeps us agile in an ever-evolving business world,” Emilie remarks. “If it’s not broken, why can’t we make it better?”

Having begun Ashwood VA in 2021 after a rewarding yet high-pressure career in the corporate world, Emilie recognised the need for a more balanced and fulfilling pace of life. Leveraging her legal background and experience in easing the strain for overwhelmed professionals, she has carved a niche in supporting creative entrepreneurs.

The ‘VA of the Year 2023’ award is her third sector award and is testament to Emilie’s dedication, ingenuity, and unwavering support for her clients and solidifies her position as a leading Virtual Assistant in the UK.

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