Google+You all know the big social media players – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn & Pinterest, but how many are you active on?

Most Virtual Assistants I’ve spoken with tend to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a daily or weekly basis. Others tap into Google+ and YouTube now and again, and those that use Pinterest tend to be VAs’ offering more creative services, understandably.

I was therefore surprised to learn that Google+ is now officially the 2nd largest social media network according to Global Web Index.

The current top 4 are:

  1. Facebook with over 650million active users
  2. Google+ with over 323million active users
  3. YouTube with over 280million active users
  4. Twitter with over 260million active users

LinkedIn and Pinterest are further down the list after some country specific social media channels for larger states such as China.

Not too shabby for a social media channel that’s only been around for 18 months or so!

So why am I telling you this?

Well because it may be time for you to start looking into Google+ as a way of social networking  for you, your VA business and for your clients.

Firstly more and more businesses’ (your clients) are likely to switch across to using Google+ for networking purposes. So it’s important for you to hang out there too. And of course if you do any social media for your clients, it will be important to stay on top of this growing trend so their business moves along with it.

Secondly, as this push is sparked by a need to compete with Facebook’s new Graph Search, and Twitter’s new advertising option, Google is working with businesses’ to offer greater returns on their advertising campaign if they sign up to Google’s social media network.

According to Google, businesses’ with a Google+ page see a 5% – 10% rise in click-through when linked with its AdWord campaigns. If you or your client(s) use Adwords, this could be quite a significant increase.

In addition Google already features those businesses’ with a Google+ page prominently on the right hand side of any search result, as well as showing their recent posts and the number of people who have given a ‘+1’ to those businesses’ – the equivalent of a Facebook ‘Like’.

Whilst this has sparked controversy with some advertisers, since businesses’ who do sign up to Google’s social network will be given greater presence, if adhered to it could mean a better return on any Adword campaigns you or your clients invest in, in the future.