At the end of a PowerPoint Presentation, it might be fun to add a list of credits and thank you’s, or some additional information. With the animation effects in PowerPoint 2010, you can create these credits “movie-style” and have them scrolling up your screen. Here’s how to do it:

Start by adding a new slide at the point that you would like your credits to appear.

On the ‘Home’ tab Click Insert tab > Text box to insert a text box and make it a suitable height and width which covers the area that you want your credits to be displayed.

Now enter the wording into this text box that you want to be displayed in your credits. Don’t worry if this is longer than the height of the slide.

Make sure that the text box is still selected and click on the ‘Animations tab’ > ‘Animation group’ > ‘Credits’. This will then add your credit effect to the slide. On the left hand side of the toolbar, select ‘Preview’ to view how your credits will look.

Now comes the fun bit!! You can experiment with various effect options and timings to edit the animation in any way that you want to. Try selecting Animation group > Effect Options and alter the sequence to show one paragprah at a time, or to bring the credits up all in one block.

You can also use the options under ‘Animations’ tab > ‘Timing’ group to edit how fast or slow your credits scroll up the screen, or delay the start of them.

And there you have it. Easy scrolling credits for an effective end to your PowerPoint presentation.