Excel calculatorMicrosoft Excel has lots of little hidden tips, tricks and add-ons that many people don’t know about, and it’s my mission to make these lesser known functions known to the world!

There have been many times when a calculator would have been handy for me whilst working in Excel, but it took me a while to discover that you can actually add a calculator into your Quick Access Toolbar! Now of course, there will be some clever people who will tell us that Excel will do most calculations for us anyway, and that is true! But but there are time when you need to make a one off calculation, and you need to know there and then – and in this case it’s quicker to use a calculator than spend time writing out the formula.

Adding the calculator to your Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2010

  1. Access the quick access menu and click the drop down arrow on the right hand side (this menu is found at the very top of your screen, where the undo/redo arrows are).
  2. From the drop down menu here choose “More Commands”Add_Calculator1
  3. You’ll then see the Excel Options dialogue box from which you can format the icons accessed from your Quick Access Toolbar
  4. From the dropdown box on the left hand side, labelled “Choose command from” select ‘All Commands‘ then scroll down to find ‘CalculatorAdd_Calculator2
  5. Select the calculator option and click the ‘Add‘ button. You’ll see the Calculator will now be added to the box on the right hand side showing items in your toolbar. You can choose whether to show these icons for all documents or only for selected documents. You can also use the up and down arrows on the far right hand side to change the order that these icons are displayed on the toolbar.Add_Calculator3
  6. Next, click ok, and you’ll be returned to your spreadsheet. There will be a calculator icon displaying in your quick access toolbar. Simple! To open the calculator, click on this icon.Add_Calculator4
  7. Once opened, did you know you can also change the type of calculator? As well as the ‘basic’ calculator, you can have a scientific or programmers calculator, and there are also options to display various conversion calculators too. To view and change these options, from the calculator select ‘View‘ and select the option that you want.Add_Calculator5