In our previous article “Designing in Publisher: adjusting page layout and sizes” we highlighted some of the basic benefits of the Publisher programme including layout templates, page sizes, cropping and page bleed. This walkthrough guide will show you on how to use colours from another picture to influence the overall look of your piece of work.

Have you ever seen a colour in your publication, an object, or a favourite picture and wished you knew what it was so that you could apply it to other items in your publication?

Well now you can and it is extremely easy!

The Eyedropper tool in Publisher helps you easily capture colours from one object and apply it to other objects as you wish. The Eyedropper tool lets you sample colour from anywhere in the publication document and apply it to another object. This is extremely useful for making publications and presentation look professional and tie together.

So let’s get started:

1. Open Publisher and unless you have a piece of specific work that you want to work on, select new blank A4.


2. For this example I am going to import one logo and a table to publisher with the aim to change the colour of the table to tie in with the logo. So the next thing to do is to import your images into Publisher. You can either copy and paste or select Insert > Picture or > Table. See mine below.


3. So the above is the example table and logo that I want to make look more uniform. I want to use the colours from the logo to use as the background and the text colour of the table. To start with highlight the area of the table of which you want to change the colour.


4. Right click on the area that you have selected and choose Shape Fill. Scroll down to Sample Fill Colour. You will then be able to use the small eyedropper tool below to select the colour from the logo or picture that you are using.


5. My table now looks like this:


6. The next thing to do is to change the colour of the writing in the table to the purple colour in my logo. To do this highlight the whole area of the table again, right click and select Font Colour > Sample Font Colour and use the eyedropper to select the purple of the P in UPdate.


7. Your table will now look like this one below, which is much more professional looking and will look great in a presentation or publication. This was a very simple guide, but it gives you the basis to explore and try out new colour schemes in the rest of your work. Good luck!