Recently things have gone a little crazy work-wise. I’ve had more work than usual come in from existing clients, and have very happily won a couple of new clients, so my normal daily routines have gone out the window for the last couple of weeks to compensate for the additional work.  Whilst I’m obviously delighted, boy do I feel it!

We’ve all heard doctors, fitness coaches, health fanatics and the media at large tell us how important it is to eat well and do regular exercise to feel energised, both physically and mentally.

Well to quote a pretty famous line, I’m a believer!

My normal weekly routine has always been to do around 30 minutes of exercise in the morning, 3 times a week.  I also try to drink at least 2 litres of water each day and make sure I take regular breaks away from my laptop out in the fresh air.

In reality, this shouldn’t be too difficult considering there are 24 hours in a day, that’s 1440 minutes. I realise what with sleeping, eating, and working, that number is significantly reduced, but there’s still enough time each day and so I’ve done a simple calculation for any non-believers out there! Let’s say for 480 minutes of those 1440 we’re sleeping, and then perhaps for another 480 – 600 minutes we’re working. Eating, washing and making cups of tea perhaps take up a maximum of 120 minutes, leaving us with a whopping 240 minutes of free time!

However like I’m sure many of you have experienced at some point over the life of your VA business, I’ve struggled with this recently due to my increased workload. So I haven’t done my regular exercise, or got up from my desk to refill my glass and take mini-breaks, and I genuinely feel really sluggish because of it. Both physically and mentally.

So I figure there’s got to be something in all this hype about staying healthy! I’ve since made a deal with myself that regardless of workload there are still enough minutes in the day to get around to a little exercise and have fresh air intervals (see calculation above!), and I want all of you to do the same.

Here’s why it’ll benefit you, your business and your clients:

1. Boost concentration levels:  Ensuring you have regular calorie intake during the day is proven to help you stay focussed and alert by encouraging your brain to be active. Certain foods are rich in a substance called myelin which helps it to function even better. So eating regular meals and snacking on healthy snacks like walnuts and seeds will maintain optimum well-being.

2. Stay alert: Since your brain is more active through eating well, so is your body when it gets regular exercise. The more consistent your exercise is, the more your body adapts to it and therefore subconsciously prepares you for it each day, making you more alert.

3. Enhance productivity: In order to manage your time effectively the easiest thing is to organise your day into a schedule, to include both work and exercise. This way if it’s in a schedule on your desk or PC you’re more likely to stick to it since you’ve made the time for it. If you’re anything like me you’ll then naturally become more disciplined since you’ve allocated a set amount of time to each task, and of course you won’t want to fall behind as that will affect your entire week!

4. Generate creativity: Getting away from your laptop and going for a run, or whatever your choice of exercise is, allows you time to reflect on projects and your clients individual needs. This can lead to new thought processes, new ideas that you may not have had whilst staring at your screen for the 300th minute that day!

5. Sleep well: By doing regular exercise, eating healthier and staying on top of your work, without the panic or stress you may have had from previously over-working and missing out on regular exercise altogether, you’ll feel more relaxed and less stressed which will therefore help you sleep better.

Of course I’m no health practitioner or even a fitness fanatic, but I don’t need to be to know the fundamentals of staying healthy. And by staying healthy in body, you’ll be healthy in mind which brings us back to the benefit to you, your business and your clients.

Tell me how you stay work-fit? Do you schedule it into your working week? Do you have an office fitness plan in place? Got any tips or techniques on keeping a healthy mind that I haven’t even thought of? Share it – we’d love to know!