If, like me, your “down time” is pretty much putting your feet up, sat on the sofa, with some sort of mobile device close to hand, then it’s quite possible you’re multi-tasking to keep your clients happy 24/7.

Of course we love what we do and we’re all secretly workaholics, but do we have to work quite so hard all the time?

As the saying goes – don’t work harder, work smarter.

And to that end, I’m hooked on my iPad – ever since upgrading, it’s super speedy and I’m really able to appreciate all those time saving apps and features now – how they can work hard for me, almost like my own Virtual Assistants!

So here are 3 apps that I use on my iPad that save me time and help me support my clients better (with the exception of the first one, they work across Android devices too):

Apple SiriSiri is your typist, your navigator and your friend

The majority of people I know who have an iPhone or iPad don’t use Siri – I guess because they think it’s a bit daft. Which I did too, before upgrading and trying her out!

But actually if they knew how clever Siri was, I reckon they’d come round.

What, or who is Siri?

As Apple explain, “Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. It allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more.”

Now I’m quite slack at writing text messages and emails on the go as I just hate the tiny touch pad keys. When I discovered Siri, I felt like I’d got my very own VA!

It takes a bit of practice and initially she doesn’t always get it right. But over time, Siri does adapt to your dialect and mistakes are less common.

The more you use Siri to talk-type the more benefit you’ll get.

I find saying around 5 words a time, checking them back, editing if necessary, and then going to the next 5 words is the best method.

Of course it’s not so great to speak your confidential messages out loud, but Siri is perfect for quick generic responses like “Thanks, I’ll see you then” and “Nice to meet you, here’s my phone number”, and informal messages to colleagues and clients.

Another great way to use Siri is to search Google.

For example just say “café with Wi-Fi” when you’re out and about and you’ll get a list of the 5 nearest in the area.

Perfect when you need to get online and recharge your batteries at the same time!

What other fun stuff can Siri do?

  • Post to Facebook and Twitter
  • Maths equations and conversions
  • Email search
  • Find a good restaurant

So give her a try – you may find she saves you a ton of time too.

Apple Voice Recording AppVoice recording apps for remembering your minutes

Ever been on a client call when multiple tasks are discussed, and that one key bit of information you need (that didn’t seem so key at the time) isn’t anywhere to be found in your notes?

Yes, it happens to us all.

The best way I’ve found to avoid missing anything, is to record it – so I’ll never get caught short again.

This also allows you to participate in the call, rather than spending the entire time frantically writing notes.

There are plenty of voice recordings apps for Apple and Android devices. Just do a quick search, find the app that suits your needs best, download it and hit the record button when the call connects.

Another use I’ve found for recording apps – particularly when on the move – is for taking voice memos or reminders.

Ever been driving and all of a sudden something pops into your head that you must get done for a client? Or perhaps you had a business acquisition EUREKA! moment. Recording a little memo is the perfect solution, ensuring you haven’t forgotten by the time you get back to your office.

(Of course if you’ve got Siri, just dictate to her and she’ll take care of the rest. But this is a close-second, or a first for all non-Siri fans!).

GoToMeetingLogoGoToMeeting for global communication

GoToMeeting is a great tool for holding conference calls with multiple people, doing regular training calls (GoToTraining), or for hosting live webinars (GoToWebinar).

They offer free and paid-for services – depending on your needs.

For example, GoToMeeting’s free version allows you to start a meeting and share your screen with up to three people. No need to download software or register. Quick and easy.

Although as we know, there are other services doing this – Skype and Google Hangouts as two examples – both of whom are doing it very well.

But where GoToMeeting comes into its own, is for holding larger meetings, or branching into webinars and training.

These services are paid for. How much, depends on how many participants will be involved.

But if you’re looking for a professional environment for long-term conferencing, this is a great option that works well on desktop and mobile devices.

Work from home and on the move with these time saving apps, to seamlessly provide exceptional support for your clients regardless of location.